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The Toomeys | Lafayette, Louisiana Wedding Invitations | Saint Patrick Church

When Natalie first approached me for she and Shane's big day, I was over the moon excited for their New Orleans nuptials and to tackle their classic, minimalistic style with their Save the Dates and Invitation Suite! After our first design call, it was so clear that the Sacrament of Marriage and location of such (their gorgeous venue, Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New Orleans) was what we wanted to be the shining star of their wedding paper and accompanying day-of details. Here is a look into the aesthetic and pieces we built out for their original ceremony and the gorgeous pivot we made when COVID called for a move to sweet Lafayette...


- the palette -

warm and cool neutrals - black and white - pops of greenery


- the vibe -

warm and cool neutrals - black and white - pops of greenery


- save the dates -

The altar at Saint Patrick's was the shining star of this design. We went for old-world elegance reminiscent of the architectural renderings of the great, ancient masters to really have Saint Patrick's come alive in print.


- the vision -

Before the decision to move their ceremony and reception from New Orleans to Lafayette due to Coronavirus restrictions, N & S's suite was taking shape to be a grayscale, letterpress masterpiece! We incorporated a custom pencil rendering of their reception venue, The Elms Mansion, to compliment their reception/details card and moved the rendering of the altar at Saint Patrick's to this gorgeous vellum wrap to be secured with a grey silk ribbon belly band.


- the suite -

By end of August when COVID wasn't letting up...Natalie and Shane made the tough decision to downsize and move their wedding closer to home. Though the ceremony and reception didn't go off as originally planned, we were able to quickly amend the suite in time for mailing to incorporate all that made it so charming...just in a Lafayette version! God was definitely looking out for these two as they had a venue change but to a church of the same name! We got to keep Saint Patrick's on the invitation and I absolutely love the way we were able to bring a pop of color into the compiled suite by adding in this custom venue watercolor vellum wrap and a jade silk ribbon belly band.

Baton Rouge Wedding Invitations, Capitol Park, Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress Invitation

Suite Includes: Letterpress Invitation, Response Card, and Response Envelope | Silk Ribbon Belly Band | Custom Watercolor Venue Illustration | Vellum Wrap | Digitally Printed Guest Addressing


- the details -

Day-of Details Include: Programs embellished with silk ribbon | Monogrammed Frosted Plastic Cups

Custom Koozies


Even though it wasn't all they originally had planned, working with Natalie and Shane to bring their small, intimate ceremony to life in print was a dream. I feel so grateful to work with clients who are willing to be so flexible and invested from start to finish!

Cheers to the Toomeys!

Until the Next Entry xx


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