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custom invitation





Also known as flat printing - this method is perfect for watercolor details and can be combined with other processes such as letterpress or foil!




A beautiful classic option where ink is pressed into paper using an age-old method and antique machinery...each piece uniquely pressed by hand! Your entire suite can be done in letterpress, or we can combine digitally printed watercolor elements with letterpress type!


image courtesy of Buckhead Printery


Similar to engraving in that an image is raised by a copper plate, embossing does not use ink. This printing technique is most frequently used for monograms, family coast of arms, and other small details in combination with digital or letterpress type but also makes an amazing statement on it's own without color anywhere in your design!




Also known as raised ink printing, this method is similar to engraving but requires less investment. This print method creates the feeling of texture as all (or just some!) printed elements feel and appear slightly "raised" from the paper. This method can also be combined with flat printing for the addition of watercolor details!



foil stamping

A luxurious print method where foil sheets are pressed into the paper, providing a true metallic shine to your suite. Available in a range of colors (gold, silver, rose gold, etc...even holographic!), your entire suite can be foil stamped or we can combine watercolor elements with foil type and details.


image courtesy of Paper Daisies


The technique of engraving is one of the oldest, finest, and most formal forms of printing, dating back to the 1700’s. The process involves a copper plate that is etched with a design and text then coated with ink and pressed together with two tons of weight against the paper creating a gorgeously raised impression. Due to the labor of engraving, it is traditionally the most expensive printing method available for invitations. 




double thick stock

Available for all print processes, double-thick paper stock is twice as thick as the standard weight. This 220lb. paper (similar to the weight of matboard that you would use to frame a photo) is perfect for adding a luxurious, elevated feel to your suite. 



handmade paper

Think soft, textured feel...fluffy, deckled edges...each one unique and a little different than the one before. Available with digital, letterpress, and/or metallic foil printing. Shown above with 1-color and blind letterpress printing.


image courtesy of Paper Plum

specialty stocks

Specialty stocks include - but are not limited to - acrylic, wooden, or seed paper invitations (seed paper is plantable!) and/or laser or die-cut invitations (think custom fun shapes and cut-outs!)

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