I'm so excited to be offering Porch Paintings in the Austin, TX area to spread some light and give back to COVID relief! These are beautiful 5"x7" paintings created en plein air meant to memorialize your home sweet home and bring some joy during this extended time within its walls!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sizing, Investment & COVID Relief

All porch portraits will be painted at 5"x7" size for $325 with 20% of that purchase benefitting COVID relief! If you're interested in having your home painted larger, please e-mail me at and I can set you up with a longer appointment and custom quote.

Can my kiddos watch/paint with you?

In addition to being an artist, I have spent much of my life babysitting and as a nanny. Likewise, I understand how cooped up many neighbors might feel with thier kiddos at the moment. If they've got painting supplies and would like to join me (at a distance, of course) during your session, I'd be happy to have them along with your supervision!

When will I recieve my final piece?

After our session, I'll take your piece home for final touches and packaging and leave it in your mailbox for you within 4 business days to enjoy forever as a memory of home!

How does it work?

Once you've completed your booking, we'll be all set up for your session! I'll come to your house at our scheduled time and sit at a nice social distance (usually across the street) to paint your house. Similar to live painters at weddings, I will sketch and paint your peice over 3 hours then take it home with me for final touches and packaging!

What if it rains during my scheduled time?

If Mother Nature is against us on the day of your scheduled session, we'll reschedule to a better date and time! Please check the radar prior to booking your appointment just to be safe

How do I book?

Easy-peasy! Click the "book here" link at the bottom of this page, select a session time, review and agree to the T&C's, pay for your piece and you'll be on the calendar!

Can you paint foliage alive or differently than it appears if it is dead/out of season?

Of course! All I'll need is a descripition or, preferably, a photo from when plants were in season and I can adjust your final piece!